Friday, 13 January 2017

Things I Want to Get In To / Vision Board

This post is for Chris, and maybe Brandon.

Here's some stuff I'd be keen to try if I had someone else joining me in converting, painting and building.


I sold all my models, but not my rulebooks. I want to do this again. Even if it is only for an annual drinks and Ork night.

Instead of going with the small orks, I saw some awesome conversions the other day from Age of Sigmar Orruks that would be cool. Big orks would need a big vehicles too.

Stolen from Gorkamorka Facebook group without permission. Sorry.

Mordhiem / Frost Grave / Hinterlands

I really like the Hinterlands rules, but would enjoy any skirmish game with small evolving warbands.

I have tonnes of Dave Graffam scenery too, so no need to go to a hobbyshop. We can play with booze at a house.

I was thinking about a Beastmen warband, like this:

Or a Devoted of Sigmar / Whitchhunter crew, like this:

Inq28 / Inquismunda

I have also been looking at 40k skirmish games and admiring the art of John Blanche. There's some fan made rules for warbands of 3 to 9 models here, and converting them looks like fun.

And an excuse to make a Judge Dredd warband:

Hobby project for 2017?

My To Do List

YES. I found my log in details!

The traffic and feedback on the vegan post is really cool. I’ve seen it pop up on both vegan pages and wargaming forums too that I read too, which is neat.

Lots has happened since I last updated this blog.

I have moved countries, bought a tonne of used Warhammer including too many high elves, I’ve been playing Age of Sigmar at local hobbyshops in the two places I have lived, and I’ve also been wondering how anyone finds time to paint and build in the hobby?!

I sold everything I didn't care much for when I moved, keeping a few pieces and buying a bunch of elves when I got here. In an effort to make some progress on the models I'm stockpiling, I am publishing this post as a To Do list. Excuse the lazy photos.

Order Draconis

I spent $500 on a used elves lot. I have sold about $600 worth and I still have too many to use.
I have a Dragon Lord, Dragon Noble and I kept 15 Dragon Blades. I’d like to get them fixed and painted.

Eldritch Council

I have several Archmages, another dragon I have been playing as Drakeseer, a Loremaster and 57 Swordmasters. I have played with this army at a couple tournaments, sometimes complimented with compendium units like Ellyrian Reavers, Tyrion, Bolt Throwers and Silver Tower Aelves. They aren’t going to be super competitive, but I’ve won about half my battles so far and it is a good laugh, especially when the Loremaster gives Tyrion a boost. I want to get at least 1000pts of pure Eldritch Council painted up.

Swifthawk Agents

With the new Battalion Warscroll out, this could actually be a bit of fun. 15 Ellyrian Reavers near the High Warden can shoot 90 arrows in a turn. Add a +1 to wound from a Skywarden, or make it +2 with a second Skywarden, and this army could hurt. I have three Chariots, Shadow Warriors, Spireguard, an Archmage and a tonne of Swordmasters (see above) to throw in too… I just don’t have the Skywardens. And I’m unsure how much use I’d get out of them if I did buy a pair.


I played one game with a friend, LOVED IT, bought a crew and then never played again. It is all half-built.

I have Hannah, Punk Zombies, Tara crew box set, Bishop and Death Marshals. Can’t find any local gamers, but I love the models, so will eventually get it built and painted.

Prehistoric Settlement 

I wrote about these after Salute 2015. I bought more at Salute 2016 too. Still haven’t touched them with a brush.

Perry Miniatures

I have a bunch Native Americans and War of Independence-era soldiers… I kind of started painted. I don’t know what I’ll do with them.

Going Native: New World Monsters

I have a whole lot of monsters from North American mythology from this kickstarter. They turned out lovely. I thought they be fun for a skirmish game with the above Perry models, but I doubt I’ll find the time. 

Silver Tower

Almost forgot about these models too.

This blog post is a little bit of a declaration of my intentions. Hopefully, I'll be able to come back in a few weeks with some progress reports. Push me on it, would you? :)