Friday, 13 January 2017

Things I Want to Get In To / Vision Board

This post is for Chris, and maybe Brandon.

Here's some stuff I'd be keen to try if I had someone else joining me in converting, painting and building.


I sold all my models, but not my rulebooks. I want to do this again. Even if it is only for an annual drinks and Ork night.

Instead of going with the small orks, I saw some awesome conversions the other day from Age of Sigmar Orruks that would be cool. Big orks would need a big vehicles too.

Stolen from Gorkamorka Facebook group without permission. Sorry.

Mordhiem / Frost Grave / Hinterlands

I really like the Hinterlands rules, but would enjoy any skirmish game with small evolving warbands.

I have tonnes of Dave Graffam scenery too, so no need to go to a hobbyshop. We can play with booze at a house.

I was thinking about a Beastmen warband, like this:

Or a Devoted of Sigmar / Whitchhunter crew, like this:

Inq28 / Inquismunda

I have also been looking at 40k skirmish games and admiring the art of John Blanche. There's some fan made rules for warbands of 3 to 9 models here, and converting them looks like fun.

And an excuse to make a Judge Dredd warband:

Hobby project for 2017?

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