Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Mordhiem Part 1: The Gathering Horde

I am playing Mordheim! Putting together a warband will be my first proper Warhammer project since I was about 14.

I've been planning to play with some friends for a while now. The campaign kicked off a month or so back but I had to miss the first session. Despite not playing yet, I am already through my third warband. I wanted to play Shadow Warriors, the awesome high elf warband. I bought models, but then learned that the warband was booted from the game for being unbalanced. I then moved on to the Undead. But, I wanted to make a warband without spending any new money, just money in my Paypal account that I raised by buying and selling models for a small profit. Vampires and dire wolves are expensive, even second hand, so I wouldn't have been able to complete the warband. 

By now, the next game day was planned and so I had to think fast. I put together a shabby mob from some bitz boxes I had lying around.

Introducing the Bitcebachs Boyz:

Pronounced “bitz box”, the Bitcebachs Boyz are a ravaging mob ready to tear a part the dammed city of Mordhiem.

The squigs are the only thing I bought. I am using war haggises from Black Hat Minuatures as proxies. They only cost a fiver. The company is quite neat, and from a work side project-perspective, is the type of project I’d love to get my hands on. They have some great models, and with a bit of growth hacking strategies, an email marketing programme and some fun social media, I reckon I could help them sell a tonne of miniatures . Something like that would be a dream side project.

I bought bases too. Resin ones from Dreamscape.

I soaked the models in Detol and stripped the paint. I spent two evenings painting them. It isn't the best job, but I think it was a decent first attempt. When I have some more time, a friend who paints at a pro level is going to teach me some proper techniques that he says are easy and will improve the quality drastically.

I switched some models out from the first pic as I dug up better figures. Here they are, ready for action:

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