Saturday, 25 April 2015

Things I Liked At Salute 2015

Today was Salute, the big London wargaming expo. It was pretty overwhelming how much cool stuff there was to check out.

I particularly liked the massive displays. Fort George won best in show and was really cool. The sinking ship was my favourite part. Beasts of War’s Battle of Hoth game was also really impressive.

As someone looking for something to get in to, getting up close and personal with miniatures from every range was a treat.

I’ll definitely be picking up a Malifaux crew, but I knew that before going to Salute. I have friends who play, and it seems easy enough to get in to. Still, it was great to be able to check them out up close.

Mierce Miniatures’ Darklands range stole the show for me. They were so incredibly awesome. Just look at how cool these are:
Unfortunately, they are well out of my price range. Maybe once I learn to paint a bit better I might be up for splashing out that much. They were breathtaking, but my hobby skills wouldn't do them justice.

Other highlights included models from Ax Faction and Meridian Miniatures:

Ax Faction had some really cool mounts. I prefer my female fighters to be wearing a little more reasonable armour than most of the models in their range, but I can look past that for a massive bear or bunny steed.

Meridian had neat steam punk British troops. They caught my eye, but I really don’t know what I’d do with them.

The only models I bought weren't as epic those above, but I was taken with them. Steve Barber Models has a 28mm Prehistoric Settlment range, including prehistoric animals, that I really liked. I picked up the Cheiftan and some hunters with flint spears. And I plan to pick a bunch more.

My other notes from the day are to check out after entering their charity raffle for an Ultramarine army, and to look up the animal range from Warbases.

It was a full afternoon. I’ll really need to start playing more if I want an excuse to pick up some of these miniatures.


  1. Lovely little video Dan - It probably illustrates some high-brow theory of crowd dynamics (like I'd know!). Great post.

    1. Thanks for the comment and checking out the blog. Yeah,the video is neat! It didn't look that busy from the ground. It isn't mine though, I just embedded from Beasts of War's YouTube channel.

  2. Loved the video Dan, nice one!!!!

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    1. Thanks Ray. Have installed the gadget. It is looking a little lonely though :)